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  Liquid matte lipstick for women has become very popular among top fashionistas. Picking out the best in matte lipstick means checking out brands like Candystains City Life and finding a shade that matches your personality. Candystains City Life matte lipstick can also be extremely useful for complementing a series of different outfits and for specific occasions.  Candystains City Life also has an excellent effect when compatible shades are combined, making you look your absolute best. The City Life texture and the look it creates is enough to really draw focus to your lips and your outfit. Keep Candystains City Life in mind when you’re looking for the best social solution.   

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Our Vision


CandyStains ™  was created to service the vast amount of people who share a profound interest in the application of color during their daily lives. At CandyStains ™ we offer to our customer a unique perspective of  this fascination.


Considering the world is a lot smaller today than it was yesterday with regard to the internet and media access, we love the opportunity this provides for us to come face to face with our global family. We will represent all corners of the world as we often will plan meet and greets, social events and opportunities based camps. 


As you can see, we offer a new brand of lipstick and cosmetics, merchandising and opportunities. We want to help educate and empower people and yes provide a quality product to the market place. We wont stop there, with one of the most talented creative departments in the market and a strong moral commitment, we are confident CandyStains ™  will be a well respected and appreciated brand name.

Liquid Matte

The Original Flava Fascination

We are excited to debut our unique lipstick brand which will follow up with a full cosmetic line. To all the women in the world "We got your back" CandyStains intention is to be involved in communities worldwide promoting positivism and self confidence, giving back to the global community. Stay tuned.

Free Candybag To The First 100 Box Set Purchases

Debuted in Spring 2017 "The CandyBag I" was our first promotional item. The kit came with 7 matte colors included with this attractive small canvas tashe  with gold fabric lining featuring the colorful CandyStains ™  logo.


Career Incentive Program

Beginning this year CandyStains ™ will initiate our Sales Associates International program to women in all countries that wish to join our mission. We will provide easy training, product support, brand gifts and an attractive income for those selected to be part of our "CandyGirls" incentive. We will also provide and encourage continued education free, with our trusted academic and corporate accredited source. All courses issue a certificate or diploma upon completion.

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"The Original Flava Fascination" 




EST. 2015


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